Developing Independence

Each term, in addition to curriculum learning, we are focusing on some key skills in school and nursery to help children become increasingly independent with a range of skills. These skills focus on the areas of personal hygiene, self-care (clothing & shoes) and eating such as.....


  • handwashing
  • dressing
  • doing up fastenings on clothes
  • using cutlery
  • clearing up after snack or dinner
  • understanding the need for hygiene


These skills are developed with a range of opportunities throughout the week in class and at meal times. 



Top Table

All children in Year 1 and Year 2 have a regular opportunity to eat their dinner at 'Top Table' (school dinners or packed lunch). This is a special dining table with smart chairs and a chance to show how well are doing with our cutlery skills and table manners. Mrs Boddy (our headteacher) loves to join the children at 'Top Table'. Children are chosen for 'Top Table' as a reward for good manners, fantastic behaviour, trying new foods and lots of other brilliant things the lunchtime supervisors see each day. 





Helping at home

Some children are already at amazingly independent, but we also encourage parents to practice these skills at home. Click on the links below to find the skills for each term.

Nursery 2s (year)    
Nursery 3s Autumn Nursery 3s Spring Nursery 3s Summer
Reception Autumn Reception Spring Reception Summer
Year 1 Autumn Year 1 Spring Year 1 Summer
Year 2 (year)